Some of Faze3Films work

Jowl, Jowl and Listen

'Jowl, Jowl and Listen was first screened at the Tyneside cinema in Newcastle on June 11th 2015.

The word ‘Jowl’ in the film’s title comes from the dialect developed over hundreds of years by the miners of north east England. It was a fascination with this unique language that was the starting point for the making of this documentary. Aware that the demise of the coal industry meant that within a generation the language would become obsolete, the makers set out to record ex miners using the dialect and talking about their lives. The film records facets of life in the mines of the north east and its mining communities and is a paean to the people who faced the harsh working conditions of deep mine coal production.

Relocating Land, Memory and Place

A  film about the Aboriginal contemporary artist Archie Moore and a site specific work he constructed in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the summer of 2015, that raises issues of identity and racism.

'My Dad's at Orgreave'

Like our film 'Jowl, Jowl and Listen' this film also focuses on mining communities but this time records the memories of those who, as children, lived through the strike of 1984/85 and its aftermath.  

Take Our Words for It

Made for Parents4Parents, a community group based in Catterick, North Yorkshire, 'Take Our Words For It' is about a radical creative writing project and its effects on its participants.

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